Author: alexfowkes


Anyforty Stick em up Skate Edit

Long term friend of mine and owner of AnyForty asked myself and Rob Antill to create a video featuring his new skate deck ‘Stick em up’. We took this opportunity for me to skate and for Rob to take his Heli cam to the local indoor skatepark to test out how it would work indoors.


Metropolis Recordings

Metropolis Recordings is Europe’s leading professional recording studio and production facility, home of award-winning mastering engineers, creative agency and video production in London, having produced albums for the likes of Queen, Madonna and The Beatles.

The Metropolis Academy is a teaching space that is designed to help students learn all about mastering and producing audio. My work showcases to the students the quality of work Metropolis produces. Photography Angus Sung



Canada Snowboarding

Having the opportunity to visit Canada snowboarding for 4 weeks was incredible. Snowboarding and being in the mountains for a prolonged amount of time was pretty special. Naturally there is an edit from Rob Antill from our time at Whitewater resort in Nelson BC.



Christmas Rum

During my time at The Late Night Salon, and working alongside Toria Jaymes, we designed our very own Rum bottles, labels, swing tags and packaging to send out to our clients at Christmas. However, the design wasn’t all we worked on – we also spiced the rum ourselves with vanilla and cinnamon to add a unique flavour and a Christmas aroma.